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Car# #  GHN4U/146779 G

Unfortunately I donít know the engine
number because the plate is missing.
It may not be the original engine,
but I think it is.


Body# MGBU 005312

Constructed Ė Spring, 1968 (approx)

About the Car

I got the car in trade for an old, broken down tractor I was trying to sell. It was an Oliver OC4, a small track loader. It had thrown a track and hadnít been run for a couple years. I guess the guy wanted it really bad because he came and fixed it and took it away. A couple days later I went to his place and drove home Suzette.

I think the reason the guy was so willing to part with the car is because only about half the electrics worked, and from what Iíve seen so far he wasnít much of a wiring whiz. I guess as more things broke down he got frustrated and decided it was time for the little car to go.

Many people spend plenty of time looking for the car they want, and this one just sort of fell into my lap. I had briefly considered buying an MGB when I was 18. But then I had also considered buying a í65 Ford Country Squire station wagon...

In any event, I think I will enjoy this little car and I hope to have it for a while.

to Brit or Not to Brit...

Many MGB websites done by Americans use the British automobile terminology (boot, bonnet, quarter-light, wing...) I think that since I am an American and I drive on the right side of the road (as opposed to the wrong one) I will use the American terminology. For now.

The News

28 June 2006

Farewell, Suzette!!
After trying unsuccessfully to sell the car locally, I put it up on eBay. The little car is now on its way to Denmark. I will leave this site up for fellow enthusiasts for now.


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