MGB sites, many with pictures of the car’s restoration:

The MGB Experience – Probably the quintessential website for the MGB owner/enthusiast. Everything with anything about everything having anything to do with MGB. Huge links section, great forum, and of course the ongoing saga of the owner’s MGB (’66 roadster) with pictures. God it must suck when your B is your only car... (recommended)
The Autoist –  “A car nut” semi-retired ex-Army officer supports his car addiction by selling MG’s and  parts. Site also features pictures of his collection, cars for sale, stories, a links page, and the garage – where you can follow along on the current projects “...kinda like undressing a lady for the first time: packaging might look nice but you never know what’s underneath.” A ’79 RV8 conversion (with some heavy mods), a ’70 GT restoration and a ’68 MGC restoration. Overwhelmingly busy guy for “semi-retired.”
MGBnet – Photo documentation of the restoration of the car (a ’74 GT). Shows details of body work and painting. Site has detailed restoration pages and offers a few good tech links and book reviews.
1977 MGB Restoration Project – Photo documentation of the restoration of the car. Shows details of body work and painting. Nice car! (for a RB...)
Pascal’s Mulberry Red MGB – Slide show of the car. Shows details of chrome bits and how cool the dash looks with the foam stripped off. Beautiful ’70 split-bumper roadster! Site is till under construction and has a few fancy web things which might slow up older computers.
MGB Roadster Restoration Workshop Notes – Photo documentation of the restoration of the car. Shows details of body work and welding. Also additons like converting the electrical system to negative ground and installing an updated brake servo.
Duck’s MGB Roadster – A (rather detailed) journal and repairs list of what was done to the car. Also a few pictures. Seems like Duck has money to spend...
MG Enthusiast’s Club – Big website with plenty of information and history of MG’s, many pictures of members’ cars, classified ads (damn! I don’t have a spare thou to get that disassembled ’64!), assorted MG clubs, details like paint codes and the like.
Andrew Yue’s MG Home Page – A few pictures of MG outings (and this ’79 roadster) and some links worth checking out.
Rich’s MGB Page – Small site about Rich’s MGB (’73 roadster) with links and a technical help section. Hasn’t been updated in a while.
MG Restorer – Slide show of the owner’s car (’69 roadster) and the restoration process.
Eddie’s 69 MGB – Photo documentation of the restoration of the car. Shows details of body work and painting. Pictures of disassembled engine/ ancillaries; then painted and in car. Beautiful little car in BRG!
Driscoll Family MG Website – Seems the whole family drives MG’s, and most of them are B’s. The one with the most pictures seems to be the young woman’s ’75 roadster, on which she does most of the work herself (and has the grease on her face to prove it).
1972 MGB Vintage Racer – Photo documentation of the restoration of the car. Plenty of good detail photographs showing welding and painting, but some others are a little “artsy.” Has bonus sections showing how to convert the radio console and a sandblasting lesson. It could have the “Restoration” section presented sequentially instead of having to use the “back” button.
My 1967 MGB Roadster – Pictures of car up until about a third of the way through restoration. Hasn’t been updated in a while. Claims to have paid $5 for the car.
79 MGB – Small site about the owner’s MGB and a few pictures of the restoration. Skips over the middle part of “during” the restoration.
Project MGB – Excessive photodocumentation of tearing down a MGB (a '67 roadster) for restoration. Comes in handy for anyone who wants to see what is involved before they tear their little car apart.
Rick's Backyard MG Experience – Photo documentation of the restoration of the car. Shows details of body work and painting. One picture shows the owner TROWELING Bondo! Eek! Ended up with a nice little red '70 roadster, though. The owner apparently did this all without a garage.
Leon's special MGB – 1975 MGB with a '63 Buick V8. The owner got the car disassembled and cleaned it up and put it back on the road. Plenty of pictures and some tech stuff like a digital tach and spark output.
Shadetree MG – This MGB website is owned by Chuck from TMGBEBBS and a few other board members Kim, Gerry and Wray have contributed tech articles. Also includes a Road trips section, a few pictures and a listing of Gerry's fine products (GEM Enterprises).
The Ultimate B – Photos of the car during painting and reassembly. there are many photos, but there are no captions or even basic information (like what year is the car).

Technical information:

MGBExperience Main BBS – Simply the best goddamn MGB forum on the net, which is why I gave it a separate listing.

The MG Place – 1971 MGB Roadster Restoration. Very extensive and detailed photodocumentation of the car’s restoration. Every phase is covered in this article and great pride is taken in the workmanship. Excellent website and a damn fine car! (recommended)
Bosch Alternator Conversion for the MGB – This was the reference I used to procure and install my Bosch alternator in my MGB. Great reference page. The Bosch conversion is better than the Delco conversion, although the Delco unit is more powerful.
MGB Voltage Stabilizer – Gives step-by-step instructions for wiring the solid state Texas Instruments voltage regulator for use as the MGB’s instrument voltage stabilizer.
MGB Electrical Systems – Overview of the electrical systems of the MGB with wiring diagrams and schematics as well as some photos. Mostly complete, although they did not list those nasty little bulbs I can’t find anywhere locally.
TM Sheet Metal Forming – “TM Technologies is a leading provider of tools and methods for metalworking enthusiasts and professionals around the globe... is committed to the education and preservation of century-old metalworking traditions...” basically this guy is old-school cool. Check out the page on rebuilding a Ferrari body from 12 photos.
Fitting a V8 engine into an MGB – Detailed discussion of the steps necessary to convert the MGB to V8 engine. Very detailed with photographs. The author repeatedly states the easiest way to go is to convert a ’77 or later car, as they are mostly prepared to accept a V8 anyway.
V8 Conversions – Another one-page overview of Rover V8 conversion. This page lists cost estimates (in pounds sterling) if you are considering such a thing.
MG Tech Page – From the Scions of Lucas this tech page features the MGB electrical system with wiring diagrams and instructions for diagnosing and fixing prioblems.
V8 Worm – The owner shows how he put a Rover 3500 V8 into his '77 roadster. Has a few pics and discusses some modifications made to the car.
Auto Color Library – An online color chip selector for most vehicles. pretty neat if you're trying to find an appropriate color for a certain year or such.
Kroil – Supposed to be better than PB Blaster for loosening rusted parts. I haven't tried it yet so I don't know.
Sea Foam –Cleans carbon from cylinders and removes deposits from fuel lines and carbs/fuel injectors. Available at NAPA and CarQuest.
British Automotive – Mostly technical information on rebuilding, upgrading and repair of MGB's and MGA's. They offer parts as well
MGB Chrome Bumper Conversion – Step by step instructions for converting a rubber bumper car to chrome bumpers and lowering the suspension. Also includes parts list.
1964 MGB Restoration and V6 Conversion – Photo journal of restoration and V6 installation into the car. Broken down into sections with photos and explanations.

Parts, supplies:

The Little British Car Company – I found the site easy to use; I just typed in the Moss number for the little brights indicator bulbs I needed (since I cannot find them locally anywhere) and it took me right to it. I added the item to cart and changed the quantity to five (I figure that will be a lifetime supply). BUT then I couldn’t get into their secure server. I thought it might be my firewall, so I changed the protection level from ‘medium’ to ‘high’ and then it worked. I filled in the usual information and then opted for an order confirmation page which I just saved as a webpage instead of printing out. My bulbs showed up one week later. Overall I was quite pleased. (recommended)
POR-15 Store – This site gives buttloads of information about the magical gray goo of car restorers everywhere, as well as direct ordering. POR-15 is a moisture activated rust inhibitor that, according to the hype, stops rust permanently. I have not used it myself, but ask anyone who has and they’ll tell you it’s the wonder goo of the millennium.
Moss Motors – Huge searchable online catalog with almost every part made for the MGB, and a whole mess of other British cars. If you’re curious about something, look it up here. I’ve read they have great sales in the winter.
Roops MG – Small parts site. "Authorized Moss Dealer" offering new and used MGB parts, and a few cars for sale.
McKinstry’s Used MGB Parts – Used MGB parts dealer offering a variety of parts and if your American your dollar goes twice as far because he isn’t.
Victoria British – All you can do from this website is order their catalogs. My catalog was defective, so I had to call them up and complain about 1) being put on hold 2)my defective catalog 3)that there wasn’t even an e-mail address so I could complain about my defective catalog without being put on hold! The catalog itself is good, plenty of diagrams to show you the way around your little car.
Brit-Tek LTD – This is a small, personal company of dedicated B enthusiasts who have put together several complete performance kits to make working on your B’s engine a little easier. They also offer clutch and brake kits. They claim to be Newbie friendly, but we’ll see when I get to them...
British Masters – Used lbc parts dealer offering a variety of parts for MGB’s as well as cars for sale.
APT instruments International, INC. – Speedometer and gage repair and restoration. They claim they can do just about anything.
Nisonger Automotive – They say they specialize in Cobra instrumentation, but everyone on the BBS swears by them.
Northwest Import Parts – Parts for LBC's based in Portland Oregon. Features an online catalog, but an old-fashioned print-out order form.

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