Meet the Owner

I like all kinds of cars, and this one was the first British one I owned. The first European, really. Up until this car it was only American and Japanese. In fact, that is what I have now.

I enjoyed having the little car. It was light and surprisingly maneuverable, given its ancient design. But I also found that it had been messed with over the years, and had a hard time straightening everything out. The electrical was especially messed up, only the brake lights worked!

So I fiddled with the car and fixed it up and painted it. But it was more fun to DRIVE it. As it was a roadster, it was pretty much a fair weather car. I didnít even take it out if I expected drizzle.

If you have or are planning on acquiring an MGB, take some time to read through the Journal and see what life with one of these little cars is really like.


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